Find out how little hronline could cost you.

The Company

Degree53 is a digital design and development agency based in Manchester.

They started life as a team of 6 working on mobile development for a large bookmaker. In just over two years they’ve grown to become a full-service agency of nearly 40 staff. Managing to outgrow their offices twice

The Challenge

Approving too much staff time-off left them severely under staff on an important project. Not want wanting this to happen again, Andrew the M.D was looking for an affordable and easy way to manage his staff holidays. He wanted a solution that would be quick to implement and would still allow flexibility for staff to request holidays whenever they want.

“Since starting using hronline this hassle has been removed and I can concentrate on running the business.”

The Solution

hronline Premium. Affordable, flexible and easy to implement

Absence management

Flexible configurations

Cost effective

Employee self-serve

Mobile App access

Q & A

Why did you need hronline?
Our company needed a system for managing holidays. In the past we were using a spreadsheet and then inputting into a shared calendar. This allowed room for human error and was less simplistic than having all the holidays tracked and available to view in one place.

What have you found to be the biggest benefit to you of hronline?
The biggest benefit of using hronline has been the tracking of holidays and availability to view employees days booked. Another benefit has been the notification of another employee having booked in a day that you are looking to book. This has enabled us to eliminate the danger of too many employees being absent on a given day.

To find out more information about Degree53 see their website here.