Competition for jobs hits new low

1st September 2015

Jobs search engine Adzuna has reported competition for jobs has hit a new low.

With news that reflects the strengthening of the UK’s economy, Adzuna reported 0.64 job seekers for every job advertised in the month of 2015 when compared to 0.67 jobseekers for every job in June 2015 whilst there was close to double the number of jobseekers for every job in July 2014.

Coupled with the reduction in the number of people applying for each job there has also been a slight reduction in the average starting salary which has dropped from £33,873 in July 2014 to £33,505 in July 2015.

Part of the reason for this may be that businesses are getting better at understanding how to keep their employees, preferring to retain existing staff rather than bringing in new team members.

Over the last year or so, many employees have started to introduce recession rewards whereby they reward the employees who have remained with them through the recession.

Although there is an overall decline in the amount on offer for roles in England there has been an increase in the salaries offered for jobs in the North with jobs in Yorkshire and Humberside up 3.2% year on year and have topped £30,000 on average in the North West for the first time.

The increase in average salaries in the North West also has a disproportionate benefit to the job hunters in that area when compared to those of the South where living costs tend to be higher, however it’s probably that these salaries are having to be offered to attract and retain local talent, many of whom will understand they could migrate to London for higher paid roles.