My experiences using hronline. Part 2: Using hronline to deal with absenteeism

30th January 2014

By Peninsula Group Director, Alan Price

So lets look at a feature of hronline that I find extremely useful. The key details of my employees are stored in hronline, I can see who my employees are, details such as date of birth, next of kin etc. hronline can also tell me how many days holiday each individual is entitled to; for example my full time staff have 32 days allowance, hronline will tell me how many days have been taken, what dates are pre-booked, and what they have left – this is ideal for when I am planning staffing resources. I am able to see at a glance what staff I have and which of my employees are due to take vacation dates.

Another handy tool is the lateness and absenteeism record, I can see when employees have previously been late, their reasoning and what action has been taken. It is worth noting that I have access to 24 hour advice through the hronline tool, so if I am unsure on how to deal with a particular issue, such as how to combat lateness then I can quickly utilise advice.

I’m also able to identify trends when it comes to absenteeism, let me give you an example, I have an employee who frequently calls in sick on a Monday or Friday, I failed to notice this until I examined the absenteeism records for the individual concerned using hronline. A quick check enabled me to identify the issue, I was also able to seek advice with the aim of dealing with the issue swiftly, thankfully absenteeism is no longer a problem. So as you can see hronline has very much helped me deal with absenteeism issues, in addition it also helps me organise staffing levels so I am never under-resourced especially when it comes to busy periods.