Gentleman Behaviour & Your Office Workplace? Tips and Rules for Professional Business Etiquette.

29th October 2019

Every organization has a unique set of culture, etiquette, guidelines, and norms but how to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong?

That’s why at HR Online we’ll go through the most common ones, so you can best fit in the etiquette of your workplace. Chances are, that if you follow these basic tips, you will never end up in the awkward situation of being “that guy”.

Of course, we are aware of the many different workplace personalities, but to follow proper professionalism in the workplace is a must for any office.

Without further ado, the tips and guidance to answer what is professional etiquette,

Minimise Noise

The office is not a train station. 

To speak with co-workers or have a phone conversation is a necessity in any modern office but try to avoid adding unnecessary noise to the background. 

Keep Music to Yourself

It’s a fact that music helps you focus but by no means it should disturb others. At the end of the day, you and all your colleagues in the office to get work done, right? Listen to music all you want but keep volume at levels others won’t hear

Avoid Too Many Personal Calls

Do you have an awesome personalised ringtone? Keep it to yourself. 

Make sure you put your mobile device onto silent and take calls outside the office. To receive regular personal calls at work might be considered unprofessional. 

We all have loved ones and they often need our immediate attention but don’t make it a habit. If you receive a call from friends or family, excuse yourself from the room if you have to and take the conversation in private. 

Avoid Noisy Gadgets

Air purifiers, ionisers, clocks, personal organisers and especially fans. If heat is too much, get a fan that’s actually quiet. Vibrations can be as disturbing as noise.

Return Colleagues Messages/Emails in a Timely Manner

We all receive messages from our co-workers, would it be emails, voice messages, texts or other forms of correspondence. Be a team player and don’t leave them without a timely reply. Of course, follow information security best practices at all time.

Respect Everybody.
At All Times

Treat others with the same amount of respect, you would like to be treated. According to the Gentleman Zone Guide, this is a key part of a healthy work environment. Most times the amount of respect you put towards others determines the quality of your character and how others perceive you.

Of course, Maverick employees can be difficult to get along with but that doesn’t mean you can’t. To have trust in your team is key to effective employee engagement.

Don’t Interrupt When Others Speak

As stated in the previous tip, how you treat others is how others will treat you. 

No one likes to be interrupted. Doing so stands for the lack or poor social skills. In most cases, interrupting others is considered to be vulgar.

Be Conscious Of Your Body Language

When having a conversation with someone, not making eye contact or having your hands crossed is often perceived as rude and disrespectful. To have a mindful body language while taking part in a conversation is a major sign for your attitude and respect.

Be Polite To Others In The Office

The famous quote of Publilius Syrus says:

“You can accomplish by kindness, what you cannot by force.”

Be polite and doors will open for you.

Show Interest Towards Co-workers Hobbies

Ask colleagues of their hobbies. Show genuine interest in what are their post-work activities. 

Share Hobbies

Bond with your co-workers and you might turn into real friends. It is mutually beneficial to have someone close at the office, you can share with.

Making friends is strategic to any business environment.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

When you succeed in a project or a task, make sure you share credit with all contributors.

Help New Colleagues Or Interns Fit In The Office.

Help and welcome new people at the office. Introduce them to the workplace environment and get them more familiar with rules, and work etiquette.

It’s Always Good To Help

Try to get involved and help co-workers struggling with a project or failing to meet a deadline. Everybody has been to the position where you bite more than they can chew. Sometimes your boss will give you a tough deadline for a hefty project. Imagine how somebody like you offers help. 

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Be that guy.

Keep a Smile and Welcoming Attitude

Everybody wants to work in a healthy environment surrounded by positive people. 

When someone is having a bad day, a simple smile might boost morale and help the person through the day.

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Smiles work like candles and a candle can light one thousand.

Don’t Be Late To Work

Coming into the office 30min late is considered to be unprofessional. Doing this systematically might even get you in trouble. Being on time is considered to be basic work etiquette.

Avoid Leaving First At The End Of The Workday

To rush out of the office when the clock hits the end of the workday will certainly leave a negative impression to your fellow coworkers

Maintain Your Desk Tidy And Neat

How you keep your desc says a lot about your organization skills. Keep it tidy throughout the day, boost productivity, and give out the right example for workplace etiquette. 

Studies Show A Clean Office Promotes Productivity And Staff Satisfaction.

Keep Personal Hygiene Right

Odours can be offensive for customers and coworkers. 

Keep your hygiene right and level up to company office rules, standards, and workplace etiquette. This highlights your attitude for the organization. Ensure you are not the person that is everybody avoids sitting next to.

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Be Careful Overdoing The Perfume Or Aftershave.

Perfume or aftershave are meant to keep you fresh throughout the day. Unfortunately overdoing them might have the opposite effect. Some people will either have allergies or intolerance to strong odours or aromas.

Keep Office Attire Professional

Even if the company’s culture is wearing jeans and trainers, dress professional, and don’t come to work wearing flip flops and shorts. Unless you’re following the up-to-date fashion trends, a neat and tidy look is always a must just don’t go too crazy with style. 

Keep Personal Belongings Safe And Contained

Rather than having your charger, lipstick, coat, mobile phone all around the office, contain your possessions at one place. Don’t let your personal belongings be in the way of your colleagues.

When Sick, Stay At Home

The temptation to go to work when you are feeling under the weather might spread the disease among your co-workers. It might be harmful to the company to get your colleagues sick as well – and you’ll likely not be able to perform to the best of your ability. This can be a threat to deadlines projects etc.

According to statistics from Accounts and Legal, under-performing employees actually cost small businesses £39,500 a year on average.

Remember Coworkers Names

People often forget names, but remember faces or vice versa. Do your best and remember both faces and names. This way you can shows a great amount of respect when addressing people you don’t work directly but still know.

Refrain From Getting Too Personal At Work

Going too personal with coworkers can be repulsive. Maintain a friendly level interest with colleagues, but keep the healthy boundary.

Avoid Gossip

One of the rudest signs of disrespect is to gossip. 

It can be destructive, if you are trying to maintain a positive working atmosphere. 

Avoid at all cost.

Encourage A Healthy Office Banter

To joke around with your coworkers can relieve the stress in a hectic daily work routine.

Engage in such activities to make the working day more fun, but make sure to maintain a professional attitude. Avoid gambling activities and disrespectful banter towards your colleagues.

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