HR Factors to Consider when Planning an Office Move

17th January 2019

Planning an office move is already a stressful task. There are a lot of factors to consider when you are planning an office move, especially when it comes to HR. There is a lot to plan and take into account. And this is without mentioning all the HR factors you will have to consider when planning an office move. Today I will take you through some of the main things to consider for your HR when you are planning an office move.


The Distance the Company Intends to Move

Depending on the distance your company intends to move, there may be a lot of HR factors to consider here. If some of your employees cannot or won’t travel to a new location, you may need to consider alternatives. As the last resort, this may mean making their positions redundant. If you are planning to do something like this, ensure it is being handled with respect. Some staff are crucial to your business, so it is worth asking if the move is worth losing these staff.
Consider transport links to the new location. Is the staff able to drive, walk or use public transport to commute in? City centre locations are all the rage in today’s world, but there are issues that could arise. Your staff may not be able to park, or you may have to subsidise all the parking for your staff.
You need to weigh the pros and cons of moving offices against the possibility of losing some of your staff. Of course, if you are only moving to a new location that is close to your original office space, there isn’t an issue. If you are planning a larger office move, then you will need to ensure you have your priorities straight including environmentally friendly ways of disposing of waste and clutter.

Contract Issues

There are a few areas where your staff’s current contracts may affect an office move. The main issue is the amount of notice you give your staff about the move. Are you giving your staff the right amount of time to plan the move?
When an employee leaves, they need to give around four weeks of notice. And you can use this philosophy when moving offices. You need to ensure you give your staff enough time to process an office move. An office move is a big change, and some staff will need time to process it.
Do you need to offer your employees a relocation package? This depends on how far you are moving and how it affects certain members of staff. Critical staff are not worth losing as you may never find someone as good to fill that role. In these cases, you need to ensure they are being compensated for moving.


Some employees will need to start paying for their travel. Some employees may even need to buy a car. In these cases, you need to offer them a relocation package. This way, they are being compensated for their expenses.

If your Employee Doesn’t want to Move

If an employee doesn’t want to move, their position may become redundant. This is due to many factors:

  • Their job role may no longer exist in the old premises.
  • You can offer the employee an alternative job, but they refuse the offer.


It is in these cases that redundancy may be a necessary step.
Don’t worry, there are still ways you can keep these employees on. Remote working may be a possibility for them and your company. If this proposal works for both parties, this will be a far better option than redundancy. Remote working is big news nowadays, and an office move may give some employees the chance to go remote.

Taking Discrimination into Account

Discrimination is also another key factor of an office move. While it might not be immediately clear, it could become a big problem for you. If you are found to be discriminating against one or a group of employees, legal action can occur.
There are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from discrimination lawsuits. These include:

  • Ensuring the relocation does not affect any one individual or group of people.
  • Ensuring that the needs of any disabled employees are taken into account.
  • Ensure you take any transport issues into account for your staff.


The key is to ensure that all your employees are being treated fairly. Ensure this happens throughout the entire office move process and you will be fine. In some cases, you may wish to speak to a HR professional. This is advisable and will cover you during the process.