How hronline can help you keep on top of holiday requests

15th April 2014

By Peninsula Group Director, Alan Price

With Summer looming we realised that hronline will come in especially handy as we enter a period when employees will seek time off to spend with family and friends. As an employer you need to know in advance your staffing levels and requirements. As a busy employer you no doubt have many deadlines and being a HR manager may not seem a priority, however with the use of hronline you can ultimately manage your staffing numbers from wherever you are in the world, providing you have an internet connection.

You can authorise employee absenteeism requests both easily and naturally on your laptop or indeed on a mobile device. No more having to use pen and paper, having to manually enter employee holidays dates into a diary or forgetting when particular individuals are away on holiday. hronline will ensure it automatically includes such dates and details into the planner so you always have an overview of staff numbers and be certain which employees are on holiday at any given time.

It’s also very convenient to be able to use your iOS or Android powered mobile device to keep on top of holiday requests, notifications are pushed to you, alerting you to requests that need to be authorised; you are able to see who is scheduled to work on any given day, whilst providing a clearer picture to your staffing requirements.

hronline is constantly being updated and it is very important to let us know whether there is a feature you would like implemented. However we think hronline will be a great solution to your staffing needs with the absenteeism and holiday planner coming in very handy this Summer.