Not just a tool for the employer

7th February 2014

By Peninsula Group Director, Alan Price

From regularly using hronline you really feel the benefit of all the functions that it has to offer you as a business owner, however one thing you probably don’t notice straight away is just how useful a tool hronline is for an employee too. The fact that each employee has their own built in personal account with individual log in’s gives a degree of responsibility and flexibility to them.

With this, every employee can log into their account and they can see their personal details – edit any important parts of information such as contact address or emergency contact number, without the hassle of having to notify another member of staff in order for them to update records. As well as this, the online account records the number of sick days or cases of lateness each employee has so that they have a record of it all too in case their absences are pulled into question.

These functions are very practical for an employee to be able to track and edit, however I think the biggest positive is the ease at which holidays can be requested. Each account will show how many holidays are available, how many days have been taken and how many are left available for you to take. With the click of a button you can request days off without having to fill in excessive forms or having to book meetings with your team leader to discuss a day off here and there. Once you submit your holiday request an email will be sent to your manager and they will take action to authorise it, sending back an email via hronline in response – making everything streamlined and efficient.

I know the team I have working under me find this a lot easier for them than trying to tie me down to a meeting in order to get their allocation of holidays signed off, and I’m sure this would be a positive for any member of staff to be able to have be able to control their holidays in such an easy way.