Using hronline to record lateness

6th December 2013

One of my personal pet hates is lateness. When I started my working life it was drilled into me that being on time was important. Turning up late for work or a meeting is disrespectful to your co-workers and the business you work for.

In today’s business however, there is an expectancy from many employees that flexible working is something which should be the norm. We personally allow subtle changes of working patterns at hronline but not at the expense of the business and I need to know when my employees are coming and going.

On a lighter note, I had a look at the hronline lateness reasons to see what the top 5 strangest reasons for lateness were. Here is what I found….

  1. "The dog ate the car tyre"
  2. "Tying shoelaces"
  3. "I wanted to experience lateness"
  4. "Could not locate the building"
  5. "I thought today was a Saturday"

Have a productive week!

Jon Cleaver