What HR Managers Can Learn from Line Management

6th October 2021

We are often asked how HR Managers can benefit from working with line management during the hiring process. Line management can offer HR Managers insight into their daily operations and provide more specific information about the skills and experience that are required to fill a position. Keep reading as we share with you some of the top ways in which HR Managers can learn from line management and apply this to the recruitment process.

Survey Line Management at the Start of the Recruitment Process

We encourage you to source information from line management from the outset of the hiring process. For example, when working with marketing recruiters, you should discuss the essential skills that line management would expect from their new team members. Differentiate between essential skills and nice to have skills, so you have a firm understanding of the non-negotiables when filling a position. Also, take the time to understand what different skills mean, especially if this is an area with which you aren’t so familiar.


Understand the Tasks Involved in the Job Role

Line management can offer HR Managers further insight into the day-to-day tasks that are involved in a position. For example, if a Head of Marketing is looking for a Marketing Manager, they’ll have a much greater understanding of the key tasks that this position will perform on a daily basis. We understand that HR Managers often work across a wide range of departments, including working with marketing or sales teams and production staff. By understanding the tasks involved in the position, you’ll offer potential candidates an improved interviewing experience and be able to answer their questions correctly. This will also help to influence the questions you ask and ensure the relevant skills are assessed.


Create a Strategy for the Future

HR Managers and line management can also benefit from working together to plan the future of your organisation. Both teams often overlook the need to prepare for future staffing changes, but it can help you to plan ahead and train staff for upcoming promotions that may be available. Marketing recruitment agencies could use this strategy to fill in gaps within their team of marketing recruiters, and line management will have a much clearer idea about when and where these gaps will appear. As they interact with team members on a daily basis, they’ll be more familiar with the team’s experience. For HR Managers, you’ll find that this can reduce staff turnover and the cost per hire when applied correctly.


Offer Support to Each Other

There’s no denying that both HR Managers and line management have their work cut out in most workplaces, including  recruitment agencies. With so much going on each day, HR Managers could often benefit from a little more support during recruitment drives. By involving line management early on in the process, you’ll find that they are more willing to help out where needed later on during the interview stage. Thanks to the increased reliance on technology in workplaces, you’ll find that line management could also assist with writing job descriptions or uploading notes for you to format and add to applications. When you foster a good working relationship, you’ll both benefit from this, as line management will find they receive team members who are much more qualified for the role.


Assistance with Resolving Conflicts

When HR Managers receive complaints from team members about specific aspects of their job role, they often aren’t equipped with the knowledge about this industry to handle it correctly. While line managers are known for turning to HR for assistance, the same can also work in reverse. A good relationship between these two positions will assist with the investigation and will ensure your team of marketing recruiters or construction staff feel like they are understood while making a complaint.


HR Managers in any industry can learn so much from line management. While both parties can often be reluctant to involve the other, you’ll find there are so many benefits to fostering a stronger relationship. Especially when hiring new team members, you’ll find that the recruitment process is much smoother when line management are involved, as they’ll offer you the expertise and guidance to ensure the perfect candidate fills every position.